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Coach Kathy Burnett helped me to identify what  I really wanted to do with my life.   She helped me to develop and maintain a course of action to achieve my goals.  When it is just you working on ‘it,’ it is human nature to rationalize and procrastinate. 

I am doing exactly what I have always wanted to do because of my work with her.

~ Todd Townsend, sailor & writer; Bay City, Michigan


Kathy has been a wonderful coach for me because of her playful spirit and joy-filled approach

Kathy has a wonderful way of encouraging me to do things I would never get done otherwise.  She keeps me moving and doing something toward my ultimate goal even when I don’t feel motivated

I found Kathy as my coach by pure luck.  I wanted to be more organized and she did a workshop on organization using strengths.  That fascinated me.  I loved her voice and her gentle way of encouraging people to do something they actually wanted to do. 

Since I have been working with her, she has been able to playfully but insistently get my life moving forward in a consistent way.  I really look forward to talking to her and have no problem spending the money to talk to her.  

She mentors me, teaches me, needles me, prods me, steps back when she needs to, changes directions when I change directions, pulls me back to my original plan and helps me laugh all at the same time.  I love it.  She is really good for me and has a wonderfully sweet way of keeping me on track. 

Organized    ~    Organizing


    Insistent    ~    Persistent    ~    Open    ~    Nurturing

Adaptable    ~    Respectful


           PLAYFUL    ~    Sense of Humor


                                       Expanding    ~    Encourager

            ENDEARING    ~    AFFIRMING

                                      On target feedback

ENRICHING    ~    Chock full of information    ~    Educational


Follows your agenda

Someone to look forward to talking to

A great someone to share with

Someone not to miss knowing

A keeper

~ Alice Hardin, M.S., LPC, Georgia


Kathy Burnett is a top-notch coach – you won’t find someone better who takes the time to understand you, be patient, encourage you, and challenge you to reach for your dreams!

 I personally benefited from working with Kathy on how to juggle the many personal and professional demands on my time while constantly making progress on meeting my dreams and focusing on creating the life I have always dreamed of!

~ Ann Singh, Ph.D.


Kathy Burnett is a great coach!  She listens to me, is patient, and offers unique insights and options as I move through my life’s complications and journey.  She helps me explore opportunities and sort out what is significant and insignificant to me.

~ Cynthia Farinelli, IT analyst, trainer, educator; South Bend, Indiana



This chapter has been immensely helpful to me.  It’s given me a very innovative and fun way to look at all the things that clutter up my life and mind.  Even more important, it’s given me the tools–by teaching me how to apply my own personal strengths–to make major changes in the way I do things that have truly made a difference.

Working through the section on using my strengths has made a huge difference.  I love your approach! 

Lynne Berrett, LCSW, life coach, psychotherapist, & educator; Mount Kisco, New York


Kathy’s ‘Strength Advantage’ approach for becoming clutter-free is so ‘user-friendly’!  I particularly liked how she gave me clear strategies for maximizing my strengths in the process of creating my best space.  I also love her humor and  encouragement of each person’s uniqueness.”

~ Deb Chisholm, M.Ed., School Counselor & Life Coach; Williston, Vermont


I read Kathy Burnett’s Strength Advantage hoping to find a clue in to how to get myself to unclutter my house.  My impulse has been to periodically go through the house like a tornado and throw out everything that did not have a place.  It works to declutter, but often things are thrown out that should not have been.  I like her system better.

This idea of using my strengths to approach my organizing abilities is novel.  I want to go with the flow and help myself to be consistently organized, but in a way that I like not that someone else tells me I should like.  Her chapter gave me permission to use my preferences to set up where things go so I can find them easily and put things away easily.  What a mind blowing concept.

Organize by my preferences and using my strengths of teamwork (we can all work together in my house); kindness (I sure don’t want to leave all this stuff for my family to have to clean out); my love of beauty (my house is lovely when things are where they are supposed to be); gratitude (I am so grateful to be able to find things quickly); and play (I can make this a game…the timer is set for 10 minutes for me to get all this put up where it goes and we all race the clock)!!!  Whee. 

I love her characters, especially Helga Hoarder.  The suggestions for each strength was useful as well to get me started on how to use my strengths to organize better.  The worksheet was useful as well.  She is organized in her approach and it is easy to read and take in quickly.  My hat is off to anyone who can keep my attention for several pages when I am trying to get myself in gear for the day.

Thank you Kathy.  You are inspiring me to find my flow and go with it as I set my goals for being more organized on a consistent basis.

~ Alice Hardin, M.S., LPC, Georgia



I just want to tell you how very helpful your presentation was yesterday!  I got unstuck!

When you talked about placing your work area in a space you love to be in, and told your story about your upstairs office that you didn’t use even after you got it organized, lightbulbs – no fireworks! – went off

I have not yet gotten my upstairs office space organized (and I think shame is a big issue, so I loved your connecting that with forgiving myself for not having been more organized and preventing the backlog of papers, etc.).  I thought that if I could only throw out old files and papers, I would delight in working in that space; and that may happen someday.

But in the meantime, I always gravitate to my kitchen table where I can look out through the sliding glass doors onto my deck and the trees beyond.  Usually the sun is shining in, so it’s warm and cozy, which the upstairs is not.

So as soon as I got off the phone, I started clearing out a side table that has 2 open shelves and 2 shelves with a door; and started thinking about what additional piece of furniture (similar to your Armoire idea) I could use to keep my every-day files close at hand, but hide-able!  (How’s that for a new word!)

I loved the idea of doing this with the goal of creating space for more fun and playfulness and joy.

That’s what is exciting me and motivating me now.


~ Judy Babcock, MSW, Professional Life Coach, retired Medical Social Worker, group facilitator for first-year medical students; North Canton, OH


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