Vibrant Life: Declutter Your Way

Your strengths & motivation + Coach Kathy Burnett = easy declutter habits

Listen to Boomers & Beyond TOYS Workshop: Tackle Organizing with Your Strengths

Listen to my 3/17/09 TOYS workshop at the Boomers and Beyond Special Interest Group where I present my energizing  approach to decluttering and organizing by using your strengths:

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Interested in saving money and time – not to mention gaining peace of mind – by being more organized?  Do you struggle to start or maintain an effective organizing system?

My approach to this nearly-universal challenge is unique: I will introduce a way to use your strengths to make the process easier and the outcome more satisfying than methods you may have tried in the past.

In addition, I’d like to introduce you to Boomers and Beyond:  The BoomersandBeyond Special Interest Group is for coaches and other people interested in the topic of successful aging for themselves and/or their clients. This group provides a vehicle to discuss and explore relevant topics and to share resources with each other.  It meets every month on the first and third Tuesdays addressing the multitude of issue from finances to mindfulness to health that impact Third Agers and the people around them.

Contact Dorian Mintzer Ph.D. ( to join the mailing list and get the information for attending the valuable calls.

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