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Organize, Declutter Coach Kathy Burnett
Organize, Declutter Coach Kathy Burnett











Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.  If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. 

~ Albert Schweitzer 

Theologian, Philosopher, Musician, & Physician 



“Official” version: Kathryn Smith Burnett, ACC, CMC, LSW 


Coaching: My Soul Career 


I have yet to find my soulmate, but I found my “soul-career” in 2004 when I discovered and fell in love with coaching. 


The attraction: helping people have the lives they longed for – connecting people to their best selves to achieve their deepest, truest desires, the ones that bring joy and fulfillment to them on a daily basis. 


I know it’s possible because I’m doing it myself, and because I’ve helped others do it too.  For example, one of my passions is organizing, another is Positive Psychology: I have combined the two in my coaching, seminars, and writing (see Declutter Ebook 

Clutter Free and Clear:
Take Charge of Your Time and Space
A how-to book to simplify your life at  


 and am currently completing my own full-length declutter ebook). 

 My own joy and fulfillment come from learning constantly about the newest techniques and wisdom to help myself and my clients and having the opportunities to share my learning and experience with others. 

I get to live my passion on a daily basis and I want to help you do that too. 


On a personal note…. 

I treasure living in northern Indiana because I’m ten minutes from my beloved, amazing son, Jeff, and his family I adore: wife Jennifer, and their two daughters, my “Angel Girls” Alexis and Nicolette; I’m a half hour or so from Lake Michigan; I’m close to my Dad and brother, and have a beautiful flower garden that fills my soul daily. 





 ~ Associate Certified Coach credential awarded by the International Coach Federation 

~ Certified Mentor Coach awarded by MentorCoach® LLC 

~ Graduate of International Coach Federation-accredited MentorCoach® LLC Coach Training 


~ Professional and personal life coach, consultant, and mentor since 2004 

~ Over 300 hours of coach-specific training 

~ Over 50 hours training in Positive Psychology Coaching 

~ Vanguard member of the MentorCoach Alliance for Positive Psychology Leadership Team, coordinating and facilitating international calls on Positive Psychology 

~ Graduate of numerous courses in specialty areas, including Group Coaching, Strategic Career Planning, Health and Wellness, Internet Marketing & Business Development, Time Management, EFT 

~ Licensed Social Worker 

~ Participant & facilitator in ongoing coaching groups focused on wellness; thriving in mind, body, and spirit; and Positive Psychology among other learning 




~ 30+ years experience in social services: consulting, coaching, casework, and training  

~ 20+ years training social service professionals in areas that included organization, communication, motivation, job-specific skills, team building, stress reduction, creating and dealing with change, positive attitude, career development, and helping people weather crises and maximize their potential 

~ B.S. from Indiana University in English, writing concentration; psychology minor 

~ Author of a book-length memoir for a local business leader, and a variety of other published writing, including articles, scripts, and poetry 

~ Significant background developing and delivering seminars and workshops, and holding leadership positions 

~ Professional development includes life and career planning, writing, supervision and management, communication, computer design, and adult learning 




International Coach Federation 

MentorCoach® LLC 

Centre for Applied Positive Psychology 

Coach Training Alliance 

MentorCoach Alliance for Positive Psychology 

International Association of Coaching 

International Positive Psychology Association 

International Women’s Writing Guild 

Professional Coaching Consortium 





creating & experiencing beauty: writing and design, music and dance, gardening, nature 

wellness & vitality: dancing, biking, walking, rollerblading, yoga 

adventure, connection, & meaning in nature and with friends, family, & community 

learning through reading, taking classes and seminars, & participating in interest groups 



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