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FREE “A New Way to Organize: Use Your Strengths!” Organizing & Declutter workshop




A New Way to Organize: Use your Strengths!


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Want to save time and money?  GET ORGANIZED!!  Studies show disorganization wastes significant amounts of our valuable resources on a daily basis because of time spent looking for things, missed opportunities, late fees for overdue payments, duplicate purchases, and many other reasons.

This FREE Workshop is an introduction to using your strengths to organize:  learn about my approach to helping yourself and your clients more effortlessly, naturally, and joyfully get and stay organized!

And you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home: it’s all on the phone!  You’ll get the number to call when you register.

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MAKE YOUR NATURAL STYLE WORK FOR YOU instead of against you.  The research and real-life demonstrations are clear: using your genuine strengths makes you happier and more effective.

Oprah has been featuring this particularly in career search – see – type in “strengths” to learn about strengths in careers and other areas of your life (more on this later – watch this space!)

My work shows you how you can use this same approach to organize and declutter.

Join us for this energizing, fun, and informative FREE hour and discover how you can enlist your genuine, optimal qualities in a natural and energizing way, turning “the way you are” from a liability to an advantage in your quest to be organized.

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