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Your strengths & motivation + Coach Kathy Burnett = easy declutter habits

* TOYS: Tackle Organization with Your Strengths Organizing Groups


Schedule to be announced: coming this fall!

Cost: TBA

Want to save time and money?  GET ORGANIZED!!  Studies show disorganization wastes significant amounts of our valuable resources on a daily basis because of time spent looking for things, missed opportunities, late fees for overdue payments, duplicate purchases, and many other reasons.

Apply positive psychology strategies in organizing!  In these dynamic, personalized groups you will practice strategies to help yourself and your clients more effortlessly, naturally, and joyfully get and stay organized through interaction, exercises, support and accountability. 

We will have some unique ways we will bond and ‘play’ as a group to help you move forward with your goals.


You’ll get exciting insight into the relationship between excess clutter and excess weight!!


And you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home: it’s all on the phone!  You’ll get the number to call when you register.

Space is limited so register early! 

Join this Group to:


* Make progress on your goals and take action on your priorities by being accountable to your coach as well as to the group

* Discover you’re not alone in facing challenges;

* Share wisdom, support, and experience in a safe and rich learning environment;

* Experience a safe place to be vulnerable: group members respect the confidentiality required for participation (don’t worry: there is no degree of clutter/mess/disorganization that will shock or surprise us);

* Connect to a community of people seeking similar goals.

* Have fun as a group while moving forward

How this group can help you:

~ Do you struggle to get organized?

~ Have you tried system after system and sometimes manage to get organized only to find yourself back where you started in a few months? 

~ Do you have a stack of organizing books (but maybe can’t find them right now….) yet your dream of order and serenity remain elusive?

Chances are it’s because you’re working against your authentic self.  MAKE YOUR NATURAL STYLE WORK FOR YOU – not against you.

As I reveal in my chapter THE STRENGTH ADVANTAGE: Getting in touch with your inner Superhero” in the ebook Clutter Free and Clear, and my TOYS (Tackle Organizing with Your Strengths) workshops, there are strategies for identifying and using your unique constellation of strengths in this critical area.

Many of us struggle with organization challenges on a daily basis.  Disorganization can sap our energy, eat up valuable time, bury our most valued possessions, cost us money, and deprive us of our best lives in countless ways.

Join me to discover how the science of positive psychology can help you enlist your genuine, optimal qualities in a natural and energizing way, turning “the way you are” from a liability to an advantage in your quest to be organized.

~  Do you long for a workspace so comfortable and appealing it inspires your best work?

~  Would you like to eliminate the stress of “I know it’s here someplace but I can’t find it?”

~  Have you told yourself “I will get this in order tomorrow (next week, next month)” and it just never seems to happen?

~  Do you periodically get organized then somehow it comes all undone?

~  Do you have “hardening of the oughteries” — believing there is a correct way to organize and it doesn’t exist in your space?

~  Do you feel overwhelmed just thinking about organizing?

TOYS is a group for anyone who would like to identify and use their unique strengths to finally get organized, stay organized, and work happily ever after!

          * Packrats don’t have to throw anything away

          * Clutter-bugs can keep their piles

You will come away with:

->  Permission to maintain your own organizational standards and style

->  Tips to keep yourself motivated through the tough spots

Come away from each session with at least one action you can begin to use immediately to get organized.

This Group provides you with the opportunity to

> Define your personal organizing style

> Set specific, measurable, attainable goals for getting organized

> Craft an action plan to accomplish your objectives

> Begin to implement your plan with visible, dramatic results as you work

> Utilize coaching from the group to accomplish your goals.



Everyone registering for this workshop will receive

a custom, color-coded graphic of your unique strengths  (a $25 value)

and A free complimentary individual coaching session!  (a $125 value)


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