Vibrant Life: Declutter Your Way

Your strengths & motivation + Coach Kathy Burnett = easy declutter habits

Listen to one of my Organizing with Strengths workshops

Listen to my introduction to using your strengths to get & stay organized:


Here me work with actual participants in helping them use their own natural abilities and preferences to make decluttering and organizing easier.

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In this workshop, I present a groundbreaking approach on how you can utilize strengths to help everyone get and stay organized.

Based on my chapter in the ebook CLUTTER FREE AND CLEAR and my SHAPE YOUR SPACE and A NEW WAY TO ORGANIZE workshops, I explore strategies for identifying and using strengths in this critical area.

Many of us struggle with organization challenges on a daily basis, as do our clients. Disorganization can sap our energy, eat up valuable time, bury our most valued possessions, cost us money, and deprive us of our best lives in countless ways.

WE ALL HAVE STRENGTHS – let me show you how you can tap into those abilities of yours to organize and declutter.

Discover how the science of happiness (Positive Psychology) can help you enlist your genuine, optimal qualities in a natural and energizing way, turning “the way you are” from a liability to an advantage in your quest to be organized.

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