What I love about organizing

I’m busy lately preparing for a community presentation at the Sanctuary at St. Paul’s in South Bend, Indiana; as well as scheduling new workshops and  “work (play)” groups for the fall — and it’s reminding me what I love so much about organizing, particularly using people’s natural, most powerful strengths to get and stay organized.

What I do in my work is to help people see:

We all have strengths we can use to tackle any decluttering or organizational challenge, that most people probably have never thought of using for this.

They probably have more organizational skills than they realize.

Decluttering doesn’t have to be as hard as we often make it out to be.

Disorganization and clutter cost us dearly in many ways, some of which we’re not even aware of. 

In short, people can have more success, peace of mind, clarity, and focus with less hassle and difficulty — and I can help!  That is truly my  passion about what I do.

More soon!

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